“Trinity Rock & Pop” Video Bundle Packs

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2018 Trinity Rock & Pop (Initial)


2018 Trinity Rock & Pop (Grade 2)

Trinity Rock & Pop (Grade 1)


Trinity Rock & Pop (Grade 3)


Trinity Rock & Pop (Grade 5)

2018 Trinity Rock & Pop (Grade 1)

Trinity Rock & Pop (Initial)


Trinity Rock & Pop (Grade 2)


Trinity Rock & Pop (Grade 4)

Meet your teacher, Allan Varnfield…

“Hello everyone, and welcome to Drumgrades.com! It’s my aim to demystify the drum grades process…this includes learning the songs, rudiments, technical exercises, information on how to enter, what you can expect on the day of your exam, AND many other valuable pieces of inside information that will take away any stress or worry you may have about your exam.

In my decade plus of teaching I have entered hundreds of students to take their drum exams and in that time I believe I’ve gained the experience to know exactly what it takes to get you over the finishing line.

I’ll be covering all of the major drum grade syllabuses from Trinity Rock & Pop, RockSchool to Trinity Guildhall, plus others to be added in the future. I’ll also be personally on hand to answer any questions YOU as an individual might have.

Happy drumming guys and I look forward to helping you with your drum grades!”

Allan – Drummer & Teacher