Wow! Where to start?

Honestly guys, every now and then you have a night which makes you realise why you play music. A night where all of the hard work and all the ups and downs (often more downs than ups it seems sometimes) are worth it.

On Friday 19th August I had one of the most memorable nights as a musician.

It all started when my good friends from the amazing band Nordic Giants asked myself and Alex Hedley (the singer from my previous band, Saturday Sun) to come and play a couple of their songs at ArcTanGent Festival in Bristol. Very nerve racking as we heard there would be over 1500 people there. The Nordics were headlining the Friday night so we wanted to do a good job. After lots of practice and a day of rehearsals before, we made the 2.5 hour drive (which ended up being 5 hours) to the Festival. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it ArcTanGent is an amazing fest…. please check it out guys if you are in to Math-rock, Post-rock, Noise-rock, Alt-rock and everything in between. Anyway… confidence started to go a little when I heard the MONSTERS (in a good way) from Animals As Leaders were on before us. Standing at the side of the stage and witnessing the colossal performance of their drummer, Matt Gartska was nothing short of amazing.

And so it came time to play. Stepping out in front of a tent full of people and playing those awesome songs was incredible. The crowd reaction at the end was something I will never forget but will hopefully experience again soon!

Anyway, thought I’d share this picture Matt Garstka and myself. When I asked how he’d got so great he replied “I used to practice 6-8 hours a day for about 5 years.” Well there you have it people…. the not so secret, secret. HARD WORK!

Until next time….